Air Source Heat Pumps

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The UK Government is pinning a lot of its net-zero emissions hopes on the air source heating system. Using renewable energy technology, this environmentally friendly method of heating homes delivers more energy than it uses.

At Heatworks, our plumbing and heating experts know the ins and outs of air source heat pump installation in detail. We’re ASHP installation specialists, so you can rely on us to give you a reliable source of heat that won’t contribute to global CO2 emissions.

How Does an Air Source Heating System Work?

Think of a refrigerator; it generates cold air from electricity. The same principle applies to air source heating systems — but in reverse. Low-grade energy from the air is concerted into high-grade energy for heating. A continuous cycle of refrigerant changing from liquid to gas is at the heart of the process.

Will My Air Source Heat Pump Installation Reduce My Energy Bills

The simple answer is “yes”! While air source heat pump installation costs are higher than alternative systems, they use far less energy and emit less carbon. And they’re getting more efficient — and cheaper — all the time.

The latest heat pumps can create heat from outside air temperatures as low as -20C. While operating at such low temperatures requires more electricity, this method is still cheaper than using natural gas for heating.

Is Air Source Heat Pump Installation Right for Me?

Regardless of the rumours surrounding the banning of traditional gas boilers, air source heat pump installation might be a more cost-effective way to heat your home in the long run. Yes, the initial costs are high, but over the lifespan of the equipment your reduced energy bills should more than make up for the added expense.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ASHP Installation?

At Heatworks, we’re asked this all the time. Like any alternative to traditional home heating systems, there are pros and cons.


  • Reduce monthly energy bills
  • Potential to make money through the RHI scheme
  • Heat pumps can cool, heat, regulate pool temperatures and deliver a reliable source of hot water
  • Low-maintenance
  • Efficient
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Cheaper than ground source heat pumps
  • No fuel supply required


  • A backup source of hot water is often required
  • Your electricity bills will rise (but probably by less than your gas bills will fall)
  • The efficiency of air source heating systems drops during the winter
  • Air source heat pump installation costs are still quite high

Are There Any Air Source Heat Pump Installers Near Me?

We install air source heat pumps in Surrey, Sussex and the surrounding areas. From Dorking to Crawley, we’ve been fitting this environmentally-friendly heating system in homes and businesses for several years.

We’re a family-run business led by a team of fully qualified and insured heating and plumbing specialists. Whether you’d like a quote for air source heat pump installation or just a chat about your options, get in touch today.