Underfloor Heating

Heatworks — Underfloor Heating

Looking for expert underfloor heating installation in Surrey or Sussex? Our plumbing and heating experts can help. We specialise in a range of systems, and we have extensive experience in the installation of electric underfloor heating in every imaginable type of property.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Most systems utilise a network of ultra-thin heating wire buried underneath the floor base. Electricity is passed through the network, which creates heat that radiates through the flooring surface. There are also hot water systems that perform the same function, although they’re usually more expensive to install and run.

The type of underfloor heating installation you choose depends on your personal preferences. The cheaper electrical system is less intrusive, as it doesn’t require the floor level to be raised — which is perfect for small bathrooms. Wet systems are better suited to larger spaces. And because they take up more space, they’re easier and cheaper to install during construction.

What Are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating Installation?

Underfloor heating installations aren’t cheap, but they make bathing in winter a much more comfortable experience. They’re also great to have in conservatories during the winter.

Electric underfloor heating is available with different wattage outputs. Wet underfloor heating can reach temperatures of up to 65C. However, the actual floor temperature achieved is usually between 23C and 33C. This gives you what is effectively an underground radiator. And because hot air rises, the right underfloor heating can raise the overall air temperature in a room.

When you book your underfloor heating installation with Heatworks, a heating engineer will advise you on the best options for your home. We may also recommend insulation boards to maximise efficiency.

Underfloor Heating Costs

With so many options and underfloor heating brands available, it’s difficult to provide a basic cost. The wattage output, the size of the room and the floor materials all affect the final cost of each underfloor heating installation. The thermostat and operating system you choose will also have an impact.

Our heating and plumbing engineers will assess your space and give you honest advice — based on many years of experience. We’ll also give you an honest assessment of costs related to maintenance and underfloor heating repairs. You can trust us to deliver your new system safely, accurately and for the best possible price.

Are There Underfloor Heating Fitters Near Me?

At Heatworks, we pride ourselves on giving the people of Sussex and Surrey underfloor heating of the highest quality. Our engineers work tidily, accurately and respectfully in the homes of our customers. We have a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness, and we go to enormous lengths to preserve this reputation.

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom in Dorking or warming up a conservatory in Crawley, our plumbing and heating experts are at your service. We specialise in underfloor heating repairs, installations and maintenance, so give us a call today to discuss your requirements.